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Mensagem  Logan em Ter 15 Abr 2008, 11:08

graphDS v0.1

File Description
With Math assistants and learning aids being churned out by the homebrew gaming community, students are now getting more reasons to be thankful towards homebrew developers. One such math study aid, graphDS by MorganDS (previous version here), is finally updated with useful functions, such as graphing equations.

The newer version of graphDS now also sports an easier to use keyboard; with Riemann sums and integration finally getting their own assigned keys. The syntax is still the same as before, however:

* Integrate: int (expression, left limit, right limit)
* Middle Riemann Sum: RM (expression, left limit, right limit, rectangles)
* Left Riemann Sum: RL (expression, left limit, right limit, rectangles)
* Right Riemann Sum: RR (expression, left limit, right limit, rectangles)

If you've got some Math homework that needs to be done ASAP, then better grab this too so you can have an excuse to have your Nintendo DS turned on while poring over your Math notes. Have fun!

Link para download:

Calculadora gráfica para ds Merrystolenvl4

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